Friday, July 5, 2013

Thoughts On The D500X From Pettersson Elektronik

The D500X From Pettersson Elektronik

After completing extensive research on the D500X From Pettersson Elektronik, I'd like to share some of my findings (and opinions).

Many, if not most of those involved in any kind of bat research, are usually in need of a good passive monitoring system for bats. A unit that may be deployed in any number of locations - Including right in the middle of woodland areas. A device which may be deployed deep in a forest, if needed. Without having to worry about: wind, rain, and other variables having a negative effect on the equipment. 

In my opinion, if someone is going to put forth the time and effort to begin a project; they will probably want to use the very best equipment they can. Most passive monitoring projects are inherently major undertakings. I've recently become very familiar with the in's & out's of passive monitoring for bats. Especially, in the varied field of Bat Research. After reading the protocol, execution, and results of major bat monitoring projects: It's clear that the D500X is a top contender. 
In fact, it may very well be, the best passive monitoring solution available. It has been used in many studies.
If you spend some time finding, and then searching through scientific/research-type documents: You can find many projects, studies, and theses where the D500X was used.
Even studies which, in addition, went as far as including comparisons of the equipment used - For example, many of these individuals or teams were utilizing the D500X along with other detectors (in the same price ranges).

If you cannot afford the D500X, then the absolute next best possible choice, is the SM2BAT+, from Wildlife Acoustics.

I'll also take this opportunity to again convey which bat detectors I'll be reviewing the (new & improved) D500X from Pettersson. I'm also very excited to be reviewing the (new & improved) Batscanner, from Elekon; as well as their new (weatherproof) microphone (for the Batlogger M). 

Happy bat detecting!


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