Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Batlogger M Revisited

If you want to take the complexity, or hassle and extra steps out of analyzing your bat recordings: Then your best bet is to go for the Batlogger M from Elekon. 
Although it is expensive, and we all know that many bat workers are on a low budget – In the long run I believe it would be well worth it. A lot of the work has been simplified when using the Batlogger M and the accompanying BatExplorer software. 
Just using the BatExplorer software gives you an excellent headstart when IDing bat species. Several Bat Workers that I've communicated with have voiced their displeasure with the performance of BatExplorer software as a Call identification tool – citing its inaccuracy. But, it's still being improved by Elekon, even as you read this...

I happen to really like the fact, that the that Batlogger M can now tune down to 2 kHz – which will allow me to record Insects as well! (Thanks to a recent firmware update).

I think the process of using BatExplorer is generally much smoother, when compared to other software. The entire Process of going through/processing your collected recordings becomes a lot more convenient. If you choose to use the BatExplorer software which is supplied freely: You may save enough discretionary funds to purchase an additional software application, which may be more to your liking. 

Also, a very interesting discovery made by Jon Whitehurst - May be seen Here

Happy bat detecting!

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