Saturday, July 13, 2013

The AR125 From Binary Acoustic Technology - First Impressions

Here are some first impressions of the AR125 Ultrasonic Receiver from Binary Acoustic Technology

First, I'd like to take this opportunity to lash-out at our local UPS drivers, who have picked up a new habit in this City as of late: They like to ring your doorbell like maniacs, leave the package near your door, and take off in their trucks. Shame on you!

In any case the unit arrived very well packaged and in good condition. The instrument itself, was double boxed – which is the proper way to send electronic equipment in the first place. When Amateur Radio hobbyists send vintage radios to each other, this is always the method of packing used. So, this should always be done with instruments that might be considered delicate. OK, end of rant.

Now, you may, or may not have noticed...That Binary Acoustic Technology may also be abbreviated as BAT. I mention this, because many times (in research and detector comparison papers) The AR125 is referred to as the BATx (x being anything from 2, to 125, to ?).
For instance, in certain comparison charts out there - You may see The AR125 referred to as the "BAT2", "BAT-AR", or sometimes even just "BAT" this can be confusing (as you might imagine). Since, until now the only bat recorder that the majority of Folks know of (with a "BAT" in it's name) was the SM2BAT, from Wildlife Acoustics.

The AR125 arrived in a fairly well sized brown cardboard box. Upon opening the box: The inner box, was protected with a nice amount of pink popcorn/Styrofoam "peanuts" (as they are sometimes referred to). The purpose of these, is to provide protection to the second box inside. The second white cardboard box was lined with ample cone-shaped foam. This offered very good protection to the AR125 Receiver inside. 

When you order a standard AR125 Receiver from Binary Acoustic Technology, you get:
The Ultrasonic Receiver, a Software CD ROM (containing all the drivers/software you need), as well as SPECT'R (Spectral analysis, digital Tuning, and Recording) software
a black USB cable for connecting the unit to your PC 

As well as two (slightly different) copies of SPECT'R (Spectral analysis, digital Tuning, and Recording software). AKA SPECT'R III SCAN'R (Snapshot Characterization and Analysis software) is also included.
A basic (printed - Not photocopied) Hardware Manual is also included (not pictured here).

In the pic below, you can see: The AR125, in it's plastic bag (complete with Silica gel absorbent cylinder), the black (good quality) USB cable, and software CD (containing AR125 drivers, etc.).

As you can see, on the CD ROM itself, it's entitled 'BAT Software Suite'. The AR125 Receiver drivers for various types of personal computers are provided. For best results, ensure that you install the correct (specific) driver. Installation is very easy - I went from un-boxing to recording bats in about 10 minutes.
Early testing looks very promising!  

 All I have (right now) is one "little peep" (call) from what Kaleidoscope says is an Evening Bat (Nycticeius humeralis) -But- This was recorded using the AR125 and displayed (here) on the SCAN'R software. I like it! We've had nothing but thunderstorms here (Northeastern US) for days...

To be continued...

Happy bat detecting!

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