Friday, January 31, 2014

Short Review From An Issue of The Wildlife Sound Journal

Just a shortened version of my book review:

Again, I'd like to recommend that you look into The Wildlife Sound Recording Society. A few more article scans to follow ...

Happy bat detecting!

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Journal Entry From The Summer Of 2013...

I was just going over my notes, and various journal entries from last year..

And came across this one, from August 24th, 2013:

"Very interesting night for bat detecting, Here at home, in the Bronx:
According to NOAA: the current weather conditions for the past several hours have been: partly cloudy 71°F, 22°C.
Humidity 53%, windspeed from the northeast 14 mph, barometer 30.12 inches, 2.53°F/12°C. Visibility 10 miles. Current Moon phase is: Waning gibbous 88% full – the moon was nice and bright with patchy clouds moving by.
Bat activity has been steady for at least the past three or four hours. We have had more bat passes/activity tonight – then we have had in a long time.
Having a cigarette, at the front of the house – approximately 1 AM: picked up two bat passes: First pass registered a peak frequency of 47 kHz. Second bat pass was 51 kHz, this latter reading was not confirmed. No bats were visible during either pass. I thought that I may have seen a glimpse of a shadow during the first pass.
After several weeks of bringing the Batscanner with me (during my smoke breaks) this was the very first time, that I have picked up a bat.
The Batlogger M was set up at the back window, From about 8 PM (EST) on...Started with the number of recordings at 258 – we are now at 289, And it is only 1:35 AM...
This is the first time I experienced this kind of regularity and frequency of bat passes.
I am a bit surprised, actually
Overall weather conditions: a very nice night. I've just been simply amazed at the amount of bat activity."

Happy bat detecting!

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