Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Short Update - Unexpected Level Of Bat Activity Tonight

noun: serendipity; plural noun: serendipities
The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Tonight (June 27th, a bit past midnight) I'm looking out one of my back windows... I was just taking one last look at the sky conditions, to confirm that there would be no possibility of Astrophotography tonight...
I'd also noticed the fireflies, for the first time this year. I even entertained the idea, that I might have seen a Glowworm (female Firefly, of course) but could not confirm.
A neat project which I've been meaning to try, is to get some long exposure photos of large numbers of fireflies in flight. I've seen the wonderful results obtained by other photographers - They look almost ethereal...but I digress.

When seemingly out of nowhere: I glimpsed a bat, foraging; right near the (now massive) entanglement of Porcelain Berry, which has overtaken the Red Cedar trees in my neighbor's yard.
Then another...I grabbed a Batseeker 4 bat detector and placed it on the window sill. Now another fly-by, followed by another...
I really enjoyed listening to their navigating clicks, as well as several feeding buzzes. It was an awesome, and unexpected surprise.
In all of my (many) years of bat detecting here at home, it's always been pretty rare to spot this much bat activity (especially such great visuals!).

Happy bat detecting! 


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