Saturday, January 15, 2022

The New Chorus from Titley Scientific - First Impressions

The New Chorus, static/stand alone recorder from Titley Scientific, is more than just a bat/ultrasound recorder. It is also a very capable audible sound recorder for capturing a myriad of wildlife vocalizations.

The type of unit it is, would commonly be referred to as a passive detector (when discussing bat recordings). 

It performs the same way, when it comes to wildlife sound recording. At the risk of oversimplifying - It is the type of recorder one would set-up in the field (be it woodland, swamp, mountains) and return to retrieve the SD card (recordings) after a period of many weeks. 

At this time, I'd like to share my "first impressions" synopsis...

The new Chorus (occasionally referred to as The Anabat Chorus) is an impressive machine. It arrived (to me here in The US) from Titley's HQ in Australia, professionally well-packaged (as usual). When purchasing Pro-level equipment, from leading manufacturers - You'll find well-designed boxes/packaging, which keeps equipment well protected.

My loaner unit for test, is a full-production unit. The same as any customer around the world would receive. My particular unit was provided with one ultrasonic microphone (for bat recording, etc.) and two normal microphones (for most other wildlife vocalizations). 

Some of the very first aspects which struck me upon unboxing were:

  • It's very robust design. Reminiscent of a Hummer, or some other tough vehicle. Hefty and sturdy.
  • The interior of the unit, especially battery compartment and SD card slot - seem almost ergonomic (for lack of a better description). That is to say, I could install and remove the batteries & SD card very, very easily.
  • Each of the microphones may be installed & removed easily, with good tactile feedback. There's no mistaking whether or not the Mics are fully seated. 

I like the yellow display; and more importantly, the range of features which are easily accessible to the end user.

Until next post...

Happy bat detecting!

Monday, January 3, 2022

An Early Look At Something Coming Up Next - The Chorus from Titley Scientific

Well, this is a bit premature... But, in any case:

The brand new Chorus made by Titley Scientific has arrived, for testing and review. As with their other static recorders: It's very easy to set-up/deploy.

I couldn't help but to read the Quick Start Guide, and The User Manual; and subsequently, to do a short test deployment. To my surprise, it recorded a bat.

I was very surprised, since it was December (the 26th, to be exact). And the evening temperatures were right around 40 degrees F (for the most part).

As per the latest version of Kaleidoscope software, and manual IDing by yours truly - It was, in fact a Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus). The only question I have, is: Is it suffering from WNS? Or did it just wake-up for a drink of water? (at the nearby trout stream). For now, I can only speculate...

This new static unit from Titley works really well - and I've found zero negatives about it (except the slightly higher price).
I find no faults in it's design at all: Batteries and SD card are installed & removed effortlessly. 
I like the way it's ultrasonic microphone simply records bats (and not any other non-bat/non-animal sounds). Very neat so far!

So, as for The Chorus - I like it a lot so far! I look forward to posting Part 1 of the review soon...

Happy New Year & Happy bat detecting!


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