Monday, September 23, 2019

Just Ordered A New Bat Detector! - The AudioMoth by Open Acoustic Devices

Just finished placing my order for an AudioMoth - Rather excited to see how it performs!

I suppose it was just a matter of time, before I would actually go ahead and order one. See Links below for more information -

GroupGets Page for AudioMoth.

Open Acoustics Devices' page.

A selection of Great Links regarding Open Acoustic Devices' AudioMoth (Press).
Hopefully, my (upcoming) full review of it, will be among them soon!

Here's something very exciting, which I just came across:

Pettersson Elektronik has announced a brand new detector! It's a USB Ultrasound Microphone; and it comes in two versions (256kHz or 384kHz sample rate). You can have a look at them here. They are accepting pre-orders now.

There's a YouTube video as well:


Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to review one here soon?

BCID Software review is in progress... Updates, and etc., will be posted here on or before October 7th. 

I'm happy to report, that I will (finally!) be able to attend some seminars, conferences, and training courses! I look forward to any upcoming opportunities to attend, and report about the experience(s) here on the blog!

Happy bat detecting!

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