Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just A Few Miscellaneous Links

Just a few Links And Resources I've Recently Learned Of:

For goodness sake, just have a look at this wonderful resource – on British Bats: Link 
When you go to the page, just click on the bat species of interest - And a plethora of excellent information will pop-up.
Be sure to check out Wildwood Ecology on this link - Wildwood Ecology, Ltd. They offer a myriad of Services, including: 
Bat Training Courses, The Bat License Training Course (BLTC), a Bat Handling Course, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and a few others as well.
The courses seem very inviting - I would even attend one or two myself, if there wasn't such a large pond in the way!
Also, from Wildwood Ecology, is BatNav. If you are interested in using a GPS with your AnaBat detector - Be sure to check out The BatNav Site Here
They have wonderful hardware and software available, 
for getting the most out of your GPS-enabled AnaBat!

The GPS unit, may also be purchased at NHBS via this Link

Another interesting scientific document Here. Covers counting bats while away from roosts.

Yet another very well done paper - Here

I recently finished reading a couple of interesting articles, and I wanted to share!
None of these are new, one is as old as 2009! But, they were fun to read.

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