Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The NEW Minibox and Horchbox 2.0 from Batomania.com!

Just a preliminary post, to let you know about some brand NEW bat detector equipment I found. You can see pictures (and read other info) of the devices on the Web links provided below:
The new Minibox and Horchbox 2.0 from Batomania , in Germany - I will be reviewing the new Minibox and the Horchbox 2.0, probably at the end of this month (June 2011).
Of interest to some Researchers and Biologists, is the fact that the brand-new Horchbox 2.0 unit features a GSM/GPS module! This can be configured to send status data to the Internet, so you can see what the status and position of the box is at any given moment.
You can't get any recording data, but you can check the battery status, the SD Card and the overall system state. You will also be able to change some of the configurations of the box. The GPS information is also stored on the SD Card, so you can later check where the recordings have been made.
Here's a "Group photo" of the New equipment:

Fledermäuse! (one of my new favorite words!)

Happy bat detecting!

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