Thursday, June 23, 2011

こんにちは Kon'nichiwa! Bat detecting in Japan!

こんにちは Kon'nichiwa!
Are you Folks ready for this? A really cool bat detector from Japan! I like the colorful look of it's decal design. Neat!

I've actually known about this detector, from YS Design in Japan, for several years...periodically checking the Web site...watching it develop and slowly evolve, into the capable device it has finally become : )

There is a language barrier, as the designer doesn't speak English. He now has the benefit of more than one person to act as translators - So, this is great news!
However, he is currently in the process of getting his PayPal account set-up, etc. And very soon, he will be able to accept orders from the US and all over the world, using PayPal as a payment method. We'll just have to have a bit more patience... I'll definitely post an update when this will be possible (payment via PayPal). Again, it will be very soon!

-----  So, if you live in Japan, you are lucky! Because you can go ahead and order one right now!  -----

And, if you live someplace other than Japan, you may even go ahead and send YS Design (Mr. Sugimoto) an e-mail inquiry.

You have got to see this! Check it out! Multiple photos and bits of info can be seen on the links below:

...And, I couldn't resist placing a pic of the unit right in this post! Isn't it just the most adorable bat detector you've seen?
I once read somewhere, that if a man is to "remain young", he should continue to think as a 14-year old...Well, the 14-year old in me really likes the look of this detector! (Just reverse the two numbers, and you get my real age : ) Sorry, I'm not sure what age women are supposed to think like...

YS Design Studio has graciously offered to loan me one of their latest units, to test and review (for a week). So, I'll have a full, detailed review posted here on this blog, in a couple of weeks.

They will also begin working on an English version of the User-Manual, so that is also good news. I try to update this blog everyday, and I've also recently added the 'Follow By E-Mail' option to the front page. I tried it out myself: It's pretty neat! I'd like to remind readers, that there are quite a few detector reviews on this blog - So, please use the Search feature to find a particular detector/device you're looking for. And, don't forget to have a look at the older posts, under the Blog Archive.

----- 従って日本に住んでいれば、幸運である! 先に行き、1つを今発注できるので! -----

貴方達はこれの準備ができているか。 日本からの実際に涼しいバット探知器! 今度は氏現時点でだけSugimotoが日本の人々から順序を受け取るか、または処理できること、私を前もって示すことをちょうど許可しなさい。 製造業者doesn'として言葉の障壁のビットが、ある; tは英語を話す。 但し、彼は彼のPayPalの記述の組み立て、等を得ることの過程において現在ある。 そしてすぐに、彼は米国および世界からの順序を受け入れられる。 I' これが可能である場合の完全にllのポスト更新。 従って日本に住んでいれば、幸運である! および順序1先に行くことができるので! これを見るなる! それを点検しなさい! 下記のようにリンク:

私は毎日このブログおよびI'を更新することを 試みる; veはまた最近'を加えた; E-Mail'によって続きなさい; 第一面への選択。 私はそれを自分自身試みた: It' 端正なsかなり! I' dは読者に思い出させるのを好むそこにそれはこのブログのかなりの数の探知器の検討である-そう、特定の探知器か装置you'を見つけるのに検索機能を使 用しなさい; 再捜すこと。 そして、don' tはブログのアーカイブの下でより古いポストを、見ることを忘れている。

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