Thursday, June 9, 2011

The NEW Batscanner from Elekon! Part 1 Of 3

Well, I was very happy when the UPS guy handed me a small brown box this afternoon: As I looked it over, I realized it could only be one thing: The new Batscanner bat detector, I ordered from Elekon, in Switzerland. Yay! It got here (in the US) faster than I thought it would. My compliments to Elekon, for the fast shipping!
Since we've been having some ideal weather for bats, my next thought was "This is going to be fun!"
Approximately $265 US dollars for Elekon's Batscanner (fully built) + Shipping costs (depending on where you are, of course). The unit arrived well packaged and protected:

Some first impressions - I love the compact size, and comfortable feel it has when held (more pics in next post). I really like the green LED display, and the sensitivity of this unit is just amazing!!
(more on that later, in the full review). And, I also love the fact that it features a line-out jack: For headphones, or for recording! (my favorite part). As for sensitivity, a neighbor was playing with his dog in the back garden; and the unit picked up the dog's panting from 10 meters away : ) This is definitely a detector to watch! It is not featured on Elekon's Web site yet - Since it's so New. But, it may be ordered by e-mailing them at:
Next post, will be a full test and review!
In the meantime, check out my friend Roger's excellent comments and thoughts on this unit, which may be seen here: Roger's Batscanner Review
The Batscanner is now also available for purchase, from NHBS:

Tune-in tomorrow - Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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