Sunday, May 29, 2011

New bat detector - The SSF BAT2 Detektor

There's a fairly new heterodyne bat detector out now.

It's the 'SSF BAT2 Detektor' It may be ordered from NHBS:

It seems to be a really nice detector. It is actually a dual-detector - in a way. It has both heterodyne and frequency division. But, the frequency division capability is not utilized by the User directly. It exists to provide live frequency data to a spectrum display, of sorts...

I'm glad that I've already seen a bit of feedback, from one user: A Professional/Bat Researcher - And, he stated that although he likes the SSF BAT2, it is not as sensitive as other heterodyne or TE detectors.

This is very interesting to me, as I am constantly comparing the performance of bat detectors. In fact, while we're on the subject - I'd say that is how I started collecting and reviewing bat detectors: It began, as my own personal quest; to find a detector that was able to pick up bats well, from good distances.

In any case, it would be nice to have an opportunity to test and review one!
The Site is in German, but you may easily translate, using
The Web page also features a User Manual in English, in PDF format: SSF BAT2 Manual
An informative review of this unit, can be seen on this Gentleman's Blog: Davidsbatblog

I have a new favorite word: Fledermaus! I mean, they tell me - I've been bi-lingual since the age of 2 (English/Italian) but, I like the way it sounds...Fledermaus! (I know, it was also an Opera...)
I'd like to learn to speak Swiss-German...

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  1. re: SSF BAT2 Detektor

    Have you heard any more user reports on this one yet? I am torn between this and a BB3 Duet.

    Please post any links to recent reviews.

    Und ja, ich Deutsch sprechen. So if you still need a translation from German, drop me a message. Regards, John []


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