Saturday, May 21, 2011

Future Bat Detector: Dodotronic's New BoxRecorder!

A brand-new device is "in the works" from Dodotronic... It sounds and looks very promising!

Since it is still in the prototyping/testing phase, we will just have to wait and see...

What we do know so far, is that it will be able to record on multiple SD cards.

And, we have some very interesting preliminary specifications:
(these are still subject to change)

- 200K per second sample rate.
- True 16 bits resolution.
- Frequency range 10~100 KHz.
- High quality and low noise analog amplification.
- Variable anti aliasing filter.
- USB connector for configuration.
- 32 bit 80 MHz integrated microcontroller.

You may visit their page, to check on the status of the upcoming BoxRecorder Here.
Update 5/22/11: The specs are changing (getting better) prediction for this detector? It's going to be cool!!

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