Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Post - Introduction

Welcome to my Bat detecting Blog ! 

Trying to decide on which bat detector to buy? 

Then you've found the right place!  

Hi, I'm Al and I enjoy many subjects related to Bats and other creatures that produce ultrasonic sounds.
So far, I've amassed lots of ultrasound recordings: 6 different species of Bats and various singing insects.

Here, you'll find my detailed reviews and comparisons of various ultrasound recording equipment.

I enjoy birding, recording ultrasounds from local bats at night, and taking telephoto pics of different wildlife right from my back window.
I've made loads of recordings of the ultrasonic calls of the bats in the area at night - simply by setting up various bat detectors and recording devices on my back windows in the evenings - I hope to get the WAV recordings on this page soon.

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