Friday, May 20, 2011

Coming soon! Review of two NEW products from Avisoft Bioacoustics!

One of my next posts will be a review of two NEW Avisoft Bioacoustic microphones!
They are available now! From Avisoft.

The NEW USG 116Hnb

The NEW USG 116Hn


  1. I LOVE Avisoft! My USG116 is 5 years old and still going strong (300+ surveys and counting)! Produces THE BEST Sonograms I have EVER seen without a doubt - it has great recording versatility, file handling and labelling abilities too - If you want a handheld detector (and can afford the best) this is the best!
    Dr Dani Linton ^!_!^

  2. interesting I wonder if sonogram is good or better than 1000dx from petterson ? or maybe new batlogger m is good enough ?
    will you review new mik from avisoft soon ?

  3. Thanks for your comment. I remember that the sonograms were very detailed. But, I don't believe that I have any saved, that I could post. So far, I'm very impressed by the Batlogger M. And I'm not the only one; see Roger's excellent review/Blog:
    As for a review of the new microphones from Avisoft, I don't know? I haven't corresponded with Avisoft in a while. We'll see...

  4. See

    1. Ooops, it should be :

    2. Here is another link to the complete paper:

    3. Thank you so much! I must confess, I had glanced over this Sample text before - Never actually reading it, only glancing over it... Shame on me! I can see how great this article is, and I will dedicate an upcoming Post to it - I am grateful :)


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