Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update Post + The Next Bat Recording Device To Be Reviewed!

The next bat recording device I'll be reviewing - Will be the newest ultrasonic microphone from Binary Acoustic Technology: The miniMIC Ultrasonic Microphone
It's specifications, and reported capabilities look wonderful! - You may view/download the Product Description Here (in PDF format). Wow! I'm really looking forward to the opportunity! 

Update, on what's going on: 

The Review of The micro trio from Ciel is in progress (even as I type this) - I must apologize for the delay: It is partly due, to new information and details; which I've recently been made aware of. The mini trio review will be the very next post you'll see - In fact, it is detecting bats even as I write...Using FD Mode -to- PCM recorder -via- Stereo patch cable.

Something New is now being offered from Ciel - And it looks like a really neat deal!
It's called the 'Boxed detector starter kit 2x / Stereo heterodyne' Product no. CA0101.
It's a package deal, centered around the latest version of their Box HD2 recorder (which looks awesome!). It looks like the perfect set-up for an advanced beginner; or even an experienced hobbyist. Especially, if you plan to do a lot of passive bat recording (as I do). Further details may be seen on their Website.

And, here is a wonderful Link: Bat Sound Services - Especially for those interested in the bats of America. The Excel files provided, are an excellent resource! (Thank you Folks!)

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