Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Pettersson M500 Ultrasonic Microphone - First Impressions

The Pettersson M500 USB Ultrasonic Microphone - First Impressions: Wow!

It's here! It arrived rather quickly, here to the U.S. from Sweden. Un-boxing and first impressions are simply wonderful! As always, products from Pettersson Elektronik are always very well-packaged.

"Great things come in small packages"

For this test unit, an additional USB mini male to USB-A male was included. This is the much shorter coiled version, shown still in the package in the Pic below:

The M500 in box, along with coiled cable for Tablet PC use

I confirmed with Mr. Pettersson, and the additional coiled/compact USB cable will be included at no charge, upon request. This is the case when ordering from Pettersson directly. If ordering your M500 Microphone from an Authorized Dealer, it would be best to ask.

As you can see, the unit is small. However, it is robustly built. Very well-made, with solid construction throughout.

 The M500, standard USB cable, and USB Thumb Drive containing software

Installation was a breeze! And, although I've only "tested" it for a very short time (since it's recent arrival) - I can tell you that I am thoroughly impressed with this device!

The included recording software is perfectly laid-out, and features everything you need to start recording bats.
Much more to follow!


  1. I'd love to hear about how this model compares with the echo meter touch.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I will be reviewing The M500 right after The SMZC (which is in progress). However, in "a nutshell" I would have to say that the Echo Meter Touch is a bit more sensitive. If placed side-by-side, The EMT will record more bats. I have a feeling, that The M500 is capable of a lot...It's almost as if the sensitivity has been "turned-down" at the factory, perhaps? That is the feeling I get from it.
      I will need to communicate with Pettersson about this.

  2. hi there,, I really need your help with my petterson m500.
    why my device cant work ?
    I know something wrong because the indicator lamp does not turn red.
    can you help me, please !

    1. The indicator only turns red while it is recording. If you rub two fingers near the Mic while it's on: The system will be triggered, and you'll see the record indicator light-up red.
      In addition, be sure to read the Manual, for additional Info.
      My full, detailed review of this unit, and the brand-new software, will be posted soon...

      Happy bat detecting!

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