Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: The New LS-100 Recorder From Olympus Part 2 Of 2

Review: The New LS-100 Recorder From Olympus Part 2 Of 2
(You can see Part 1 Here)

For those who use external microphones, such as the shotgun mics (made by Rode, Sennheiser, etc.) - The Olympus LS-100, happens to be the least expensive recorder with XLR inputs and preamps that are quiet enough to be used without any overload. I did make some test recordings, using my low-cost shotgun mic, and have no complaints. Conditions weren't very windy, and I didn't need to locate the foam windscreen for the mic.

Basically, this recorder proved itself to be a very capable piece of kit. Unlike some other recorders I've owned and used, it isn't too sensitive. In other words, many recorders must be used with a windscreen of some type (to avoid recording even the slightest breeze). Not so, with the LS-100. I was able to make several field recordings, without requiring a windshield for the built-in mics.

This recorder is certainly packed with features! By default, the "Recorder Type" must be selected each time (after power-up).
The fact that it has manual control knobs, to adjust Recording Level, will make it desirable for many field recordists. Having read many reviews of digital recorders, I know that this feature is always well received. 

  • A wonderful, full-color display; impressive.
  • Relatively comfortable in the hand.
  • Recording Level controlled by physical knobs aka: "Thumbwheel(s)"
  • Microphones are not moveable, and are set at a fairly wide angle.
  • By default, "Recorder Type" must be selected each time (after power-up).
  • Too many steps required to select memory location for recordings.
Of course, last but not least: I used the LS-100 to record some ultrasonic test sounds from several bat detectors. Results were, very similar to those obtained from other recorders I've owned in this price range (as expected). This concludes my mini review of the LS-100 PCM Recorder from Olympus. I believe that many sound recordists will find it to be a good value. 

I'd like to sincerely thank Kelly, at Olympus for the loan of the machine.

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