Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Little Info About Me & How This Blog Came To Be

A little info and history of this blog...
It's been quite a few years now, some details are still hard to remember... But, it all started innocently enough... Years ago, I'd written some reviews for a bat detecting Web site in the UK. And then, another UK site asked if I'd write a review or two for their page... At some point, I learned of an interesting bat detector, from a small company in Italy called Dodotronic. It was called the Dodoultra. A somewhat odd name, for what appeared to be an otherwise capable system.
  • The detector remained relatively unknown.
  • It was never produced in any large numbers. 
  • Finally, production was stopped.
  • And that was the end of the Dodoultra.
I studied this scenario, and was saddened by it. For a host of reasons, as you can imagine - Not the least of which was: I never got a chance to buy one!
Basically, the Dodoultra (pictured below) never made it - It never had a chance, to at least be experienced, by bat detecting hobbyists at large.

I simply decided to make it my "mission" to not let this type of scenario play itself out again. I didn't want to learn of another company (regardless of size) having to go through this.
...All the work of designing and producing a bat detector, only to fail, due to a lack of exposure.

I started to get serious about writing reviews, and started my own blog. I never wanted to hear of another bat detector "falling through the cracks". So, I've been on "alert mode" ever since. I'm periodically searching the web, always looking for new bat detectors, bat detector companies, etc. Especially small operations in Europe, and other non-U.S. locations. I do everything I can, to ensure that new bat detecting products get some exposure.

I dedicate all of my free time (and any discretionary funds I have) to this blog. I must save and put aside (my own) money, to pay for the (expensive) shipping of the detectors, back to the manufacturer after the test & review.
Of course, I'm not begrudging any of this. It's a labor of love!

Because of my education, background and previous career(s): Reviewing ultrasonic devices such as bat detectors, just happened to be an excellent fit for me. I've never posted an 'About Me' section, because it would take up entirely too much space. Just to give you an idea, my resume is 3 pages in length. I'd never want to impose on any visitors with my background. Boring stuff, really. Since we're on the subject; suffice it to say, that:
I have an extensive background & experience with: Mechanics, Electronics, Sound / Radio waves, and Computers.

In regards to the way that I write my blog posts...
Many times, I have chosen to present posts in an informal manner, writing as if we were in the same room, carrying on a conversation. Of course, most of what is contained on this blog are my personal opinions, based on many years of my own experience and the shared knowledge of others. I am Friends with several Bat Workers and other Bat Research Professionals, and Authors of bat books. I only seek out the brightest minds that I can find, to glean what I can - to supplement my knowledge of these fascinating subjects.

"Absorb what is useful, reject what is not" - Bruce Lee

Happy bat detecting!

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