Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bat Detecting - An Excellent Hobby!

It occurred to me, that some may think that spending substantial amounts of money on bat detecting hardware and software is odd. Perhaps unusual, at the least. And, it may surprise you to know, that some of those who hold this view, are Dealers of bat detectors!
Well, in the United States only, that is...

I've communicated with manufacturers of just about every bat detector, and I'm pleased to report that they don't share this point of view. And, have always offered pleasant encouragement and advice. Especially, from firms located in the UK or Europe.

Some may state, that they (the manufacturers) have a "vested interest", etc. 
I choose not to even discuss the different views on this, or to dwell on this topic in general. Merely sharing an observation. But, getting back to the point -  I have always been very fond of bat detectors.

One of the pioneers of wildlife sound recording: Naturalist, Ornithologist, and Author, the late Eric Simms - Enthused that "Wildlife sound recording is the most glorious sport of all" *

As someone who has dabbled in more hobbies than I'd even care to admit to, I'm beginning to see the truth in that statement.

Before I continue, I'd like to illustrate a point: There are many expensive hobbies and pastimes that I could use as examples. But, I'll choose amateur astronomy as a model: I've also been into Astronomy (since about the age of 12).

Many who are amateur astronomers, have been known to spend ample amounts of money on astronomy equipment. Each, according to their ability, of course - That is to say, their budgets for discretionary spending.
It's probably safe to say that most (myself included), have spent at least a few thousand (US) dollars on their hobby. Especially, if one dabbles in astrophotography. And, still others (those of more substantial means) have been known to have spent almost as much as the cost of an automobile.

In light of this reality, spending a few thousand dollars on bat detecting equipment doesn't seem odd at all. Especially, if the items are purchased slowly, over the course of a few years. 
Needless to say, the most important factor, is the level of fun that one experiences while enjoying this hobby

Regarding bat detecting, as a hobby; here are some other factors to consider:
  • May be thoroughly enjoyed, by those of all ages, both male & female.
  • Does not require much travel, if any.
  • Can be enjoyed by those living in almost all kinds of environments (except for large/dense cities)
  • May be enjoyed without even having to leave home - or for those who are disabled: without even having to venture outdoors...
Well, that is about all the rambling that I'll do for now...

Happy bat detecting!

* From a WSRS article by John F Burton

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