Sunday, October 23, 2011

Serious Bat Call Analysis Software

Well, Folks, judging by some of the recent e-mails I've received - It looks like I'm going to need to focus my attention on bat call analysis software. I was actually planning to, but was going to wait until at least mid-Winter. As, I fully expected to have FUN recording quite a few more bats, especially Red Bats! And, perhaps even another "surprise" species or two?...

Let's see here - The software packages whose names kept "popping up" (mentioned by interested readers) so far, have been: BatSound, and SonoBat
Both are regarded as excellent software programs for Professionals, as well as dedicated Hobbyists. As with most things, the really good stuff isn't cheap.

In any case, after some recent correspondence with other Hobbyists - I'm beginning to realize that it is time for me to consider investing in a good analysis program.
Also, there are some interesting Free applications available, for Bio-acoustic analysis. I may look into a couple of them, test, and report my findings.

For the most part, I use Audacity (which is free) and Bat Scan, which is very reasonably-priced software, from BatBox, Ltd. in the UK.

While I'm on the subject...
I've been meaning to post some of my thoughts and ideas, on good activities for bat hobbyists; for the "dead of Winter" (as in, January, mainly). For the month of January, in the Northeastern United States for instance: We have pretty much zero bat activity : (
So, it's a good time to focus our attention on things like:

* Becoming well acquainted with, and experimenting with, bat call analysis software.
* Going through (sorting out) all of the recordings collected from earlier in the year.
* And, of course: Analyzing, organizing and archiving the recordings (and sonograms, etc.)

Happy bat detecting!

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  1. I also use Bat Scan analysis software from Batbox LTD. It came free with my Baton detector and it's been great for all brands of frequency division and time expansion detectors. The nice thing is that you can setup the type of call perameters (division values for both FreqDiv and TimeExp) and have everything import into the correct values (no conversion in your head). For all the intents and purposes of an enthusiast, Bat Scan is inexpensive and really all you need.


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