Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Recent Visit To Bartow Pell Mansion - And, Other Miscellaneous Things...

What follows, is the "debriefing" of my recent visit to Bartow Pell Mansion:
Unfortunately, there weren't many bats recorded: We are getting pretty close, to the end of the season for the majority of our local bats here. I'm still sorting through the recordings made on The Griffin, so there is a chance that I did pick up (an unseen) bat... If so, I will add the sonogram(s) to this post.
-But- I did end up recording a nice assortment of singing insects. That was great!
Yes, one of my other major hobbies is recording singing insects - But - In the interest of those who are interested only in bats; I've kept the subject (and recordings) of insects, out of this blog. I'm sure most Folks prefer it that way. The subject of recording singing insects would definitely need it's own blog!

I can tell you, that The Batbox Griffin and the SSF2 BAT were a pleasure to use in the field!  Dodotronic's Ultramic200K was great, too! (set up on a tiny tripod)

For now, you can have a look at a short video I took of the area. This is behind the mansion. You can hear the water fountain (pond) in the background, among the sounds of singing insects:

Remember, The Griffin Review isn't finished yet...and the SSF2 BAT Review will be coming up soon...

Happy bat detecting!

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