Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Two New Devices From Batomania (in Germany)

I'm almost done testing the two brand new devices from Batomania, in Germany! The Horchbox 2.0 (previously ver. 1.5) and Minibox. This Minibox is just too cute!
It is really amazing! So small! The other neat thing about it, is how inconspicuous it appears. From a distance, it looks like it could be a PDA or cell phone. So that, if you wanted to - You can easily do some "covert" bat detecting! While taking a leisurely walk through your suburban neighborhood. And, no one would have a clue that you're actually holding a high-end bat detector - SD card shown for scale:

Front of Minihorchbox, with protective front panel installed. LED's are behind a protective window on the left; microphone located on the right:

Back of Minihorchbox, featuring SD card slot (card inserted) and 2 switches:

And, the HorchBox 2.0 is a perfect, weather-proof box, to set-up in the field (or even close to home) for unattended recording of bat activity. The same can pretty much be said, about the little Minibox - It comes with a neoprene case, and a front end cover. Both providing additional safety from inclement weather.
Both units are designed to be used for unattended recording of bat activity. With these units, the actual bat calls are recorded onto the SD memory cards, provided.

Horchbox / Front view / Top screws loosened, almost ready for outdoor deployment:

Counter-clockwise, from top left: (covered) Stand-By keylock, Status LED's, Microphone (protective mesh)

Install a 7.2 volt battery, tighten the four large plastic screws - And you're ready to go. The Horbox 2.0 also features Temperature Recording and a GPS/GSM system. Remote access to the box will also be possible - Wow!

Each unit, comes equipped with everything you need; including a new SD memory card, to store recorded calls on. More info and pics coming soon!

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