Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just something I came across while surfing the Web...

While surfing the Web, for additional research data on bats - I found a certain scientific research paper; that was written, using the Big Brown Bat as the test species. The link to the PDF, etc. really isn't important. I wouldn't want to "single it out" or anything anyway. And, in any case, the data is far too detailed to be of interest to the average bat enthusiast.
But, one of the pieces of equipment used, was this company.
It appears the equipment is no longer available, but at the time it was called the IOtech WaveBook/516E.

In addition to this ridiculously expensive piece of equipment, were equally expensive microphones.

Frankly I just think that it is really excessive, and ridiculous. There are plenty of manufacturers today, that offer excellent equipment - With equal or better capabilities.
With far less complicated interfaces/software; and for far less money. I believe both hobbyists and Researchers are very fortunate today, to have many bat recording solutions that are essentially "Plug & Play"

Here are some that come to mind: 

Pettersson's D240X - D240X

Wildlife Acoustics' SM2BAT - SM2BAT

Binary Acoustics' FR125/AR125 -  FR125/AR125

Animal Sound Labs' LunaBat DFR-1 - LunaBat DFR-1 

In the meantime, I've gotta tell ya, I do my best, not to fall in love with the bat detectors that I review... : )   But, this D240X from Pettersson is a real beauty! Be sure to read my recent review of it, on this Blog!

And, finally - Here are 2 sonograms I made, using Raven Lite; representing it's Time-Expansion capabilities:


I'll post more sonograms (and sounds) in the near future.

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