Thursday, July 21, 2011

The SM2BAT from Wildlife Acoustics

I have recently took delivery of the latest SM2BAT recording platform, from Wildlife Acoustics. The Folks there were nice enough to loan me a unit for a few weeks; so that I can test and review it.
I have been interested in the SM2BAT, and Wildlife Acoustics' software since early 2009 - As evidenced by my own "computer records". I think it just goes to show you, what an amazing product it is. It's not easy to keep me interested in something for over 3 years!
Well the unit arrived just the other day. And so far, all of my usual preliminary tests are producing very nice results. I like the fact, that in it's most basic option package (1 microphone) you get a very capable, professional bio-monitoring device. You start out with it, as a mono recorder. And that is fine with me! But, you may purchase an additional microphone, to make it a 2-channel recorder. More on that subject later...
I like the design, the layout, and the way it records ultrasounds. I can already tell, that it is a selective HF recorder..
The Song Scope software is also robust, effective, and packed with features. There is a lot more to report - but, this is just a quick "heads-up" for now. To let you know that a full, detailed test report and review will follow soon.

Happy bat detecting!

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