Saturday, July 2, 2011

Latest Bat Detector News:

Some new developments, in the world of bat detecting:

Elekon - Has updated their Website, their Online Shop (Yay!) and they have sent out their latest Newsletter - Which you can sign up for (for free) by just entering your e-mail address. Neat!

Batomania - Has made some updates to their Website, it's still a work in progress, though... They have also made some improvements to their new HorchBox 2.0 Project software. Some new features have been added to enhance the GPS utilities. And again, I hope to be testing & reviewing both the Horchbox 2.0 system, and the Minibox. The equipment has been shipped to me, for evaluation; and should be arriving soon.

I've been using the USD6 and The Pettersson D240X nightly now; and I hope to have some good sonograms to share, from each unit soon!

Happy bat detecting!

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