Saturday, May 24, 2014

The New micro trio From Ciel Has Arrived! - First Impressions

The brand-new micro trio, from Ciel EaM - First impressions:

This bat detector is very new, and has just become available for ordering right now!
Ciel now has them in stock!

I'm very happy to report the arrival of the review sample micro trio, from Ciel EaM in Germany.
Since this new x05 line of bat detectors is soo new, I received a prototype; which happens to be black & yellow. Instead of the black & blue colours, which are planned (for the micro trio). I believe the blue & black scheme will make for a handsome-looking device.

The box which the prototype arrived in 

The detector was wrapped in light protective foam, inside it's box - Along with a small, folded 'Brief Manual'. This is printed in colour; with English on one side and German on the other.

A prototype of the new micro trio
(Production units will be black & blue)

As always, you should read the Manual first. Neglecting to do so, will lead to frustration in the case of the micro trio. Since there is a little "trick" to powering the unit on:
After pressing the 'On/Off' button, (you will see " ---- " in the display) you must press the "+" button within a second to confirm - Or the detector will switch back off.
This feature was implemented to avoid accidentally powering-on the unit. 

 The battery compartment, with diagram for proper polarity.
9v battery not included.

This detector feels very comfortable in the hand. It is a little bit wider in size, than The Batscanner from Elekon. The sides are made from a type of rubberized plastic, which assures a firm grip. The wrist strap is a nice feature to have, while traversing the woods!
Much more to follow!

Happy bat detecting!

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