Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Bat Detectors: Available Now! -And- Coming Soon!

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled bat detector reviews, to bring you news of the following new developments"

There are some new bat detecting devices available now – several manufacturers have produced and released new detectors for sale. 

I will be testing and reviewing the following two brand-new systems soon:

In order of their release:
  • The micro trio, from Ciel EaM - This bat detector is currently very new, and only available to the public via Advance Orders (for now).
Each of the preceding bat recording solutions look very promising!

The solution from Dodotronic & Ultrasonic Analyzer is available now. 

The brand-new bat detectors from Ciel Eam (there are several) are available as pre-order items right now. Others are set to be released soon...

I will also be writing a short review of the latest version of SoundChaser software (works with Dodotronic's Ultramic series of microphones). From Acounect in France. They are also currently offering a free 15-day trial of their software Here. So, if you own an Ultramic, you should have a look and try it out.

Now, on to a few more new bat detectors!

Please Note: At this time, there is no indication that I will have the opportunity to review any of the following new devices. I list them here, for the sake of being complete, and thorough. As always, one of the main purposes of this blog, is to inform the public of new bat detectors as they become available.

Be that as it may, I do plan to purchase and use a Momimic from Dodotronic. So a review of this super-small microphone will eventually be posted here. I am planning to build a homemade, ultrasonic, parabolic dish to record singing insects with. And I plan to use The Momimic as the microphone for it.

Elekon AG - The latest model of their wonderful Batlogger M, has had a few minor changes. The small, external GPS antenna now resides inside the case (no longer visible). In addition, the GPS system itself, now utilizes data from The GLONASS satellites. This is especially helpful, to those in Europe and Russia, etc. Read more at the Newsletter Archive Page.

Avisoft Bioacoustics has recently announced updates to their USG116Hm/116Hmn

Titely Scientific, is poised to release their brand-new AnaBat Express very soon...And, from what I've seen so far - It looks very interesting.

BatBox is supposed to be coming out with a new bat detecting device! No one knows much about it (yet!)

Once again, I will not be reviewing any of these devices, so please contact the manufacturers with your questions.

The "busy season" for new bat detecting devices is here; and once again, I have two (software) reviews in progress...

"We now return to our regularly scheduled bat detector reviews...Part 2 of The Echo Meter Touch review coming up next"

Happy bat detecting!


  1. I miss the ability to listen without recording which both Ultrasonic Analyzer for iPhone/iPad and USB Audio Recorder for Android lacks ....
    Ake from Sweden

  2. Thank you for your comment. I like the ability to listen too! I will need to look into these issues further, during my testing. I will also inform the Developers.
    Thanks again!


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