Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: The BatLure From Apodemus Part 2 Of 2

Review: The BatLure From Apodemus Part 2 Of 2

After unpacking The Batlure, and installing batteries, it's time to copy recorded bat calls onto the SD memory card provided. The 4GB SD memory card, included with The BatLure already has high-quality recordings on it. They are high-quality recordings of European bat species. However, these were not useful to me, since none of them were of North American bats.

Time-expanded recordings (x10, preferably) are probably the most convenient type of bat call to use. Followed by, full-spectrum recorded files (which I used quite a few of).

Now that 8 fresh AA-size batteries are installed, along with the SD memory card (containing recordings of your preferred bat species); you are ready to power-upThe BatLure. The BatLure is fully, easily useable in the dark: The few buttons it has, are very easy to locate; due to their convenient locations (and the accompanying white markings).

The BatLure is controlled by a (very short) text file, called batlureconfig.txt. The standard/default copy of this file is already on the (root) SD card, when it arrives:

; batlureconfig.txt
; Apodemus BatLure
; This is a config file for your BatLure device.
; To have a fresh copy of this file, simply delete or rename this one, and restart the BatLure.
; It will create a fresh file with factory standard settings for you!
; Recorded files from Michel Barataud ( and Guido Pfalzer.

time_expansion    1        ;enable or disable time expanded files
track_pause    3             ;seconds pause between tracks
startup_volume    20       ;startup volume level, 0 to 40
repeat        1                  ;amount of times a wave file will be repeated when play time is lower than repeat time
repeat_time    0              ;repeat time, when the length of a wave file in seconds is lower than this time, it will be repeated

 The Batlureconfig file, represented in Courier font

So, when you press the Power button, the unit will begin to play the bat calls from the SD card.

The volume is set at 20 decibels, by default (this happens to be exactly in the middle). And is a good starting point.

The unit performs very well, without any issues to report. I went from not having any bat activity, to now having regular bat activity in my immediate area - It happened rather quickly. And, I firmly believe it was from the use of The BatLure. 
I may also be re-visiting The BatLure, with an addendum post here in the future. I plan to test The BatLure in both open/cluttered woodland areas, near ponds and lakes, and other environments. Until then...

Happy bat detecting! calling!

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  1. Have you had any good success this year? A project I am working with has just ordered one and keen to know the best points and tips :)