Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Brand-New EM Touch From Wildlife Acoustics - First Impressions

The long-awaited, brand-new Echo Meter Touch has just arrived from Wildlife Acoustics

What Wildlife Acoustics has basically done, is produced a small piece of hardware and an inexpensive package of software (Kaleidoscope) which essentially places the capability of a full ultrasound monitoring system into the hands of those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

Another way to look at it, would be:
Wildlife Acoustics has taken the normally required equipment, used to record and ID bats - and shrunk it down; to something that may be kept in a large pocket. In the case of an iPhone, for example. 

As for me, I prefer to use The EM Touch on an iPad mini Retina. I believe that the (slightly) larger family of iPad products fuses best with The Echo Meter Touch; as opposed to an iPhone. I've had the opportunity to test the unit on an iPhone. I'd simply rather pair the device up to a larger, more robust device. Just a matter of personal preference.

This certainly marks a new beginning, in the field of bat detecting and recording.
Photos of this neat little device, will be posted very soon.

Review Of Echo Meter Touch From Wildlife Acoustics Part 1 Of 2

Happy bat detecting!

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