Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The BatLure From Apodemus Has Arrived! First Impressions Part 2

This is The BatLure (from Apodemus) - And this is Part 2 of my initial impressions (further un-packing). So far, while compiling Part 1 of this Post: I was even impressed by the cartons which the BatLure and the optional Powerkit were provided in.
The fact is, there are manufacturers who also provide their products in attractive packaging.
Just one example which immediately comes to mind, is The Griffon, from BatBox. And, of course, there are others. 

The BatLure
The diverse, complete contents of the Powerkit - Wow!
A view of the BatLure's special speaker, with protective cap removed
The BatLure's optional Powerkit, includes components and (high-quality) power leads. Any and every possible power option has been addressed. Any power source that a user may think of has been covered. I was especially fascinated with: The option to use an automobile battery, and the cabled Timer apparatus.
Indeed, there is also a high-quality Timer included (pictured to the right of the unit, in above photo). Power plug adapters are also included, so that the A/C  power adapter may be utilized in any part of the World. With this optional Powerkit, you will never run out of interesting methods for powering your BatLure. Of course, these options are all very relevant and practical to those Bat Workers and Researchers working in very remote locations.

Amoung other things, The BatLure is provided with a 4GB SD memory card (more details on it later). Since it comes pre-loaded with (excellent quality) calls from European bat species - I am in the process of preparing my own recorded bat calls; from North American species for transfer to the memory card. I hope to perform the first real test of The BatLure, early this evening.

We are indeed in the "busy season" for bat detecting. As many of the bats are slowly beginning to awaken from their hibernation, etc., several bat detectors (and related things) are becoming available. For example, as I type this - I await the delivery of another new bat detecting system. One that will revolutionize the way we detect and record bats. And, it will be here before nightfall today. I'll keep you guessing, just until then!

Happy bat detecting!

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