Monday, April 21, 2014

The BatLure From Apodemus Has Arrived! First Impressions Part 1

I am pleased to announce the arrival of The BatLure kit, for testing and review. The BatLure and a Powerkit were delivered to me (here in The U.S.) from Apodemus in The Netherlands.

It was well packed, and the actual product boxes are interesting as well. So, this Unpacking & First Impressions Post will be in 2 Parts.

Under the packing material, the attractive product box
(the Powerkit is on the upper right) 

The carton containing The BatLure features some charming images; as well as having the Contents of the box printed on it (just below the title). Excellent.

Inside the BatLure's box, the unit is packed within the included protective case:

The handsome, padded nylon bag offers adequate protection for this first-class device.

This initial un-boxing and First Impressions Post, will be directly followed by Part 2...

Part 2 Of BatLure First Impressions 

Review BatLure From Apodemus Part 1 Of 2 

Happy bat detecting calling!

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