Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Latest From Elekon: New Improved Version Of BatExplorer Software

From Elekon's Newsletter:

New Improved Version Of BatExplorer Software 

New BatExplorer version 1.9
Clearer and faster. One could summarize the new version of the BatExplorer software.
A new "compact view" of the spectrograms increases the overview significantly. The calls will be cut and concatenated so you can see call shapes and type at a glance. Horizontal guide lines enable quick visual distinction or grouping of bat species and thereby accelerate the manual evaluation.
Thanks to new calculation algorythms the analysis is now faster and the call recognition is improved.
By zooming with the mouse in the activity or frequency diagram, the recordings can now be filtered easily and quickly by time or frequency. Also, the map and the call list is now adjusted accordingly.
It is now possible to enter custom texts as bat species. This also allows to assign species which are not included in the library.
Further changes can be found in the Changelog.

By the way, ...
... did you know that you can enlarge the map and display it in a separate window? Clicking the \'Fullscreen\' button opens the view and makes it possible to eg. see the map on the second screen. Also, if a GPX track was recorded, its altitude and speed profile can be shown.


The obvious, major difference in this version – is of course the compressed sonogram windows. As described, They are smaller but show a more pronounced image of the actual bat calls. I believe this is an excellent improvement. One of the other main things that I noticed right away, is the improved look of the Statistics window: It features a more accurate depiction of data, which can be read at a quick glance. I like it!

Happy bat detecting!


  1. Hello Admin,

    I am Dr. Nurul islam from Bangladesh. I have got an Elekon Batlogger kindly donated my friends. I am trying to learn the basics of the bat detector. I have some specific question. Is there any expert who can help me?

  2. Sure, you may e-mail me directly, at with any questions.

    Kind regards,


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