Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: The FG Black Microphone For Batlogger - From Elekon

Review: The FG Black (optional microphone) For Elekon's Batlogger / Batlogger M
A follow-up/continuation of the recent 'First Impressions' Post Here.

I was recently considering the addition of a new shotgun microphone to my collection (of odd DIY mics) - Specifically, for the purpose of recording singing insects. But, while testing this FG Black microphone - I discovered that it has the ability to record singing insects very well, if one is inclined to do so. It has allowed me to easily record several species of Orthoptera so far.
Thanks to the fact that the Batlogger detector is able to tune all the way down to 2kHz! This bat detector also allows you to target just about all species of singing insects in the Northern Hemisphere. 
Those who are only interested in recording bat calls, cannot really begin to understand what a treat this is, for those of us who enjoy recording singing insects. 

Okay, getting back to bat detecting now...

Among those who would find this microphone most useful, are those who do passive recording. Primarily because the microphone is weather proof. It is well-made, and quite resistant to rain, humidity/moisture. It is also excellent to have installed on your Batlogger, while out in the field: doing surveys, or general bat detecting, etc. If it begins to rain, the microphone of the unit may remain somewhat exposed – allowing one to continue to record bats even during inclement weather. I will take this opportunity, to remind the reader that the Batlogger unit itself is not weather resistant: Do be careful!

(The FG Black microphone from Elekon)

Again, the advantage of this microphone really becomes apparent during passive recording. A typical scenario, similar to the manner in which I tested The FG Black microphone would be to attach the microphone to a shielded audio cable (a good quality, shielded, audio cable with 3.5 mm male/female connectors at each end). The end with the microphone plugged into it would be secured outdoors (or outside a window) - While the detector itself would remain warm and dry indoors. This also has the advantage of allowing you to listen to the bat calls, as they fly by. For devoted hobbyists or enthusiasts, what could be better? 

The FG black microphone would be a welcome solution, for many Batlogger users, who use the detector on a regular, nightly basis. Since one cannot always be sure if it will rain or not.
In general, an ideal scenario, would be to have the microphone positioned in an area fairly well shielded from direct rain.

It is an interesting and welcomed advantage: Being able to rest easy, knowing that the microphone positioned outdoors will be safe, if it should happen to rain. The FG Black microphone opens up additional opportunities for bat detecting. For those of us who set up Detectors for passive recording, on a nightly basis.

In fact, we had a bit of (unexpected) drizzle the other night - And the microphone stood-up admirably. Still working fine! Excellent.

Happy bat detecting! 

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