Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Additional Responsibilities Of A Reviewer?

Recently, I read an article that advised those who review things - To Not just review or mention the good products...But, that the reviewer should also inform his readers of the bad products, the ones to avoid. I suppose I've always been reluctant to do this...
- Instead -
I'll write a post (soon) which will simply list all of the bat detectors which are good value, good pieces of kit, and which I would recommend to anyone. In other words - A complete list of any & all detectors (in all price ranges) which are known to be excellent products; which any buyer would be more-than-pleased with. 
I could easily indicate exactly which detectors to avoid (and why) if I were inclined to do so. But, I'm not. I will simply leave the bad ones off the list.

So, if you are considering the purchase of a bat detector; and the one you had in mind is not on the list: Avoid it! 

“Judicious omission is preferable to correct superfluity” - Walter Kidde

Happy bat detecting!

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