Saturday, July 21, 2018

Review Of The Batseeker 4

The Batseeker 4, is the very latest bat detector from Batseeker.

As many of you may have seen in my recent Batseeker-related posts (featuring many photos) it is a very simple bat detector. The unit arrives (from Canada) in a small padded envelope. Without batteries installed, it's a very lightweight little unit.
Retailing for only $45 U.S. Dollars, it is the least expensive bat detector on the market today. And again, it may also be ordered right from Amazon, if that happens to be more convenient.
Fans of The Batseeker detectors will notice, that this very latest version, has all of the features of previous versions combined. Using the unit could not be any more straightforward: Power on switch on one end, and volume up/down controls near the battery compartment door.

This unit would be ideal for someone wanting to try bat detecting. Or listening to other ultrasonic sounds, for that matter. It is very well suited (and recommended!) for beginners to this great hobby. The Batseeker 4 retains the sleek appearance of it's most recent predecessors (the 2, and 3).

In addition to quick checks of backyard airspace, I've also used The Batseeker 4 for unattended recording, with good results. The Batseeker 4 has plenty of sensitivity. I hope to add some sonograms to this post soon...

  • Very inexpensive.
  • Must exercise caution when using, lightweight plastic may not withstand being dropped, etc.
It is a frequency division detector, which for beginners translates to: No knobs or buttons to worry about. In other words, no tuning required (as with a heterodyne detector). To summarize, the Batseeker 4 is the perfect entry-level bat detector. If you've always wanted to hear what your backyard bats sound like through a bat detector - The Batseeker 4 is your ticket.
"Buy the ticket, take the ride"

Happy bat detecting!


  1. As a starter / look around the house / local area, would you recommend a batseeker, or would a batbox baton or a bat4 / bat5 heterodyne be more 'future proof'. Gerard, Netherlands.

    1. Of you can afford a Batbox Baton, I would go for that.
      Forget the Bat4/Bat5.
      The Batseeker is a great entry level starter, for those on a budget.

  2. As a novice I'd like to know if this comes with software for PC.

    1. Thanks for your question. No, it doesn't come with software. But, there are several free audio apps which you could use, to look at your recordings. Audacity is a good one.

  3. I’m trying to hear ultrasonic sounds of my pet rats. Would it work for this as well?


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