Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: The New Songmeter SMZC Recorder From Wildlife Acoustics Part 3 Of 3

Review: The New Songmeter SMZC recorder from Wildlife Acoustics Part 3 Of 3

My Nephew, Gabriel endorsing The SMZC

After testing the Songmeter SMZC for several months, I found it to provide very accurate recordings -- And along with Kaleidoscope software, very accurate species ID's.
To reach this conclusion (in this case) what I did, was:

I took the time to make identical (simultaneous) recordings, using an Elekon Batlogger M (for good measure).
Make comparisons between recordings, etc. 
Manually identified the species; and compared results.

I am (still) a huge Fan, of Kaleidoscope software. And, since a search for "kaleidoscope" on this blog, will return plenty of Reviews featuring my opinions of it -- I will not go into it in this particular review.
To summarize, however: I will state the obvious - It is the best software to pair-up with any of WA's Songmeter Recorders. They are literally, made for each other!

Here is a print-screen, depicting everyone's favorite CF bat: Lasiurus cinereus (Hoary bat):


* Long battery life - Using both Alkaline and rechargeable NiMH batteries.  
* Very easy to deploy - Set-up, from box to field is pretty straight forward. 
* Prominent LCD display (w/ back-light) displays pertinent information.
* Lower price than it's closest competitor (The AnaBat Express).

* Kaleidoscope software (which works best with it) is not free.
* GPS must be purchased separately. 
* Larger/heavier - More cumbersome than it's closest competitor (The AnaBat Express).

One of the best places to order the new Songmeter SMZC, is from Wildlife Acoustics themselves. Especially, if you are in The US, of course.
Other places to shop, if in The UK, include Wildlife & Countryside Services and NHBS.

The first two segments of this review may be accessed here: Part 1 Of 3, Part 2 Of 3.

If you are trying to decide, between The Songmeter SMZC and The AnaBat Express; I sincerely hope that my reviews of each, will help to make the decision easier. Part 1 Of 2 of my AnaBat Express review, is currently posted - But, is in a state of flux: As I continue to edit and update it. Part 2 Of 2 is also a current work-in-progress. 

Further reading: 2012 Article by Ian Agranat of Wildlife Acoustics. I recently found myself re-reading this article, written by The CEO of Wildlife Acoustics. And, I still find several parts of it fascinating (and relevant). For those who are interested, it explains the benefits of zero crossing recording, in a manner that is easily absorbed! 

I hope to add more images to this particular Post, in the near future.

Happy bat detecting!

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