Thursday, July 12, 2012

The New AnaBat SD2: First Impressions

The new AnaBat SD2 bat detector from Titley Scientific has arrived. This loaner unit was well packaged; double-boxed, with the AnaBat unit and accessories well protected in grey foam. It's a very robust unit, with sturdy construction throughout.

As you can see, in the photos above - Aside from the CD ROM disc, which contains a the latest version of AnalookW call analysis software (along with User Manual in PDF, and other data). It is supplied with all necessary cables: Serial cable, Mini-USB to USB cable, 2GB CF Memory card, and a fused power cable (for powering the unit via a 12v DC power source). The CF Memory card Slot, features a protective cover that is secured with two (silver colored) thumbscrews.

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