Monday, January 16, 2012

The EM3 From Wildlife Acoustics

Just a heads-up, to let you know that the next bat detector I'll be testing & reviewing will be the EM3 from Wildlife Acoustics, Inc. I urge you to check out their Web page - I know that there has been a lot of anticipation surrounding this brand-new, and unique detector...

...See the photo below - To get an idea of what you receive, when you order a new EM3 unit; from Wildlife Acoustics:

- To begin with, this is what it looks like, when your package arrives - You can see the (optional) Garmin GPS unit, in the upper left hand corner.
As you can see, lots of new accessories are included: A brand new 4GB SD card, rechargeable NimH batteries and charger. Also included, are multiple plug inserts for the power adapter; for mains outlets in several countries.
As you can see, in the photo below; each EM3 is provided with a (really nice!) nylon custom carry case. There is also a convenient belt loop on the back - Neat!

Some additional pics of the unit:

Stay tuned!


  1. Is the carry case also optional? I didn't get one with my EM3.

  2. No, the carry case is included with all new EM3 orders. If you contact Wildlife Acoustics, I have a feeling they'll send you one!

  3. Yes, I got a message from Sherwood Snyder. Just a delay. I think I was too early!

  4. Yep! That's what I figured. It sure is a cool case.

  5. Hi Al. Do you find the GPS connector pulls out easily? Ours doesnt lock in and im worried it will come out during a survey and well loose the GPS data. Salx

  6. The real tests are in the Sonograms produced using Bat Sound and Sono Bat examples are needed, in the UK we need to printout these for reports, I like clean audiograms that I can measure, examples please Al!

  7. Thanks for your comment. I am woking on something now... I use Bat Sound. I have not been able to buy Sono Bat yet. You will see the results of my experiments in a new post soon.

  8. There are some tests on
    I opened the EM3 files in BatSound, and they don't look good.
    I have the same poor quality in my own.

  9. titley/anabat has gone into receivership

    1. Yes, indeed. Very unexpected, I'd say.
      For the future, I presume that Professionals will be seeking a replacement for their Anabats...


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