Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: The SSF BAT2 Part 1 Of 2

The SSF BAT2, is manufactured by Microelectronic Volkman, and distributed by All About Bats  This bat detector has lots of awesome (and very useful) features!
I'll start at the beginning...
The review sample of the new SSF BAT2 detector arrived very well packaged; safe and sound to me here in the U.S. from Germany. 
The detector was very well protected. Multi-boxed, including a foam-lined inner section.  -See below:

The next item to catch my eye, was the beautiful carry case it comes with! Wow! Really nice, there is even a compartment in the front, that can hold an extra set of (4) AA-size batteries. It features a belt loop, and very secure Velcro flap. I like the case a lot!
For a while, was offering the case free; with the purchase of an SSF BAT2 - So, hopefully some of you were lucky enough to order one while the special offer was in effect.
The unit is provided with: The attached, adjustable wrist strap; a full printed manual in German. I had printed out the English version of it (even before it arrived!)

Here are some Links, to get you started:

MEKV - In German

Links to the User Guide PDF, in both (Orig.) German; and English:

The SSF BAT2 - All About Bats (Original German)

The SSF BAT2 - All About Bats (English)

From the beginning, it's hard not to like this detector! Upon powering up and checking/testing this instrument: You will notice the incredible sensitivity and range; as well as the precision of it's Volume control. These are simply the two main features that I noticed first.

This bat detector has quite a bit of "Wow factor" - Which is nice, at this price point. I really like it's features! This bat detector is very easy and fun to use!
I believe that a major reason for this, is that this unit is really two bat detectors-in-one. When switched on: The frequency division portion of the unit is always on, and "scanning" the air space in front of it -Constantly displaying the detected frequency. At any time, the heterodyne portion of the detector can be instantly tuned, to the frequency being displayed - Simply by pressing one button. Very cool!
Of course, you have full control of the heterodyne portion of the unit, at the same time. Most would say, the main category into which this detector fits, would be heterodyne. That is it's main mode of operation.
First impressions were great! The frequency range of this unit, is 15 to 130kHz. I really liked the sensitivity of the unit, and the audio output of the speaker is very good.
In Part 2 of this review: There will be more photos, and I'll cover more features and performance of this detector ...

Where to buy:

All About Bats


This Link (translated to English, by BabelFish) has enough free download-able goodies to keep you busy for a while! I like it!

SSF BAT2 Review Part 2 Of 2

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