Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Song Meter Micro from Wildlife Acoustics - First Look!

I am very happy to report, that The Song Meter Micro from Wildlife Acoustics has arrived for testing and review. So far, I'm very impressed with it.



I couldn't help but make a quick unpacking video.  

Let me remind the reader, that this device was designed to record wildlife other than bats. Wildlife Acoustics has it listed as a bird and wildlife recorder (as can be seen from the above link).

This micro-sized unattended recording solution, is already being used successfully in the field - To record singing insects, amphibians, mammals, and birds. It has many customizable features (especially for such a small device).

So, although I'm still testing and writing about The LunaBat DFR-1 (Part 2 of 2), I simply couldn't resist some preliminary tests with The SM Micro. I've also taken the time to review many of the recordings, made here in the suburbs...And straight away, I can tell this unit has a lot of potential! 

I've just recently started to hear singing insects in the evenings. The local population of mammals are pretty much always present. And my local toad and frog population should be making their debut any night now!

Happy bat detecting!

And happy wildlife sound recording! - Visit The Wildlife Sound Recording Society

Sunday, May 2, 2021

A Temporary Update Post - Exciting Stuff on the horizon

While I'm currently working on Part 2 of 2 of The LunaBat DFR-1 Pro Review, I wanted to share some of the current happenings.

There will be more detailed Posts coming up in the very near future, which will cover each of these topics. Just very briefly, for now in roughly chronological order:

  • There will be a post covering some of the new features of Kaleidoscope software from Wildlife Acoustics.
  • I'll be testing & reviewing the new Song Meter Micro from Wildlife Acoustics.
  • I'll be testing & reviewing the Telit SE868-V3 High Performance GNSS
  • I'll be testing & reviewing the new Chorus from Titley Scientific.
  • I've been invited to be interviewed for the BatAbility Club (UK) in early June. Currently scheduled for June 16th 2021 5 P.M. London time! (exciting!)
Of course, here in the Northeastern United States (as well as in The UK & Europe) bats have been out and about! And Bat Workers in The UK and abroad are very busy!
Happy bat detecting!