Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Temporary Post - Night Vision Devices

This is only a temporary post - I just wanted to announce, that I'll (finally!) be reviewing a Night Vision device here in the near future.

I reached-out to several manufacturers (Bushnell, et al)...But only one Vendor among them, were kind enough to send me a loaner unit, to test and review here. It is The Omegon Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40.
Further details about the specific device may also be seen right on Amazon (direct link).

Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40

I will continue my efforts, to acquire (loaner) Night Vision optics to review here, for the benefit of everyone who detects/records bats.
At this point in time, I won't go into all of the (obvious) reasons why Night Vision devices would be very useful for Bat Workers, those involved in Bat Research, et al... There are a myriad of uses for optics of this kind, even for hobbyists. This has been made possible by the affordability of many of the Night Vision units available today.

If anyone has a Night Vision device which they would like me to review, you may contact me via email at: batdetectors -at-

Part 2 Of 2 of The Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro review is in progress...Stay tuned.

Happy bat detecting!

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