Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Update Post - Priliminary Information

I've just been informed, of this remarkable paper - Written about the bats which are practically in my "backyard" - I am thrilled! It's outstanding, and I simply had to share it here. 

I'm paraphrasing here, and I don't remember who said it. But, it's been said, that when you're a Naturalist - the study/appreciation of one facet of nature often leads you to the study of another, etc.

So, here's a link to a great paper on Coyotes in NYC, for those who might be interested.

Just about anyplace in Westchester County is great for bat detecting. Many areas of Yonkers, NY in particular, have excellent populations (and diversity) of bat species. And I love bat detecting there!

The two bat detectors which have been getting the most use (lately) are:

The very affordable Batseeker 3 from Batseeker.


The very advanced SM4BAT FS from Wildlife Acoustics.

I must apologize for the delay, in getting the full reviews of these two units posted. I've been dealing with (the additional) nerve pain of "Sciatica" for the past 5 months. I will publish reviews of the three detectors (The M500 also), which are under test very soon!
Even if they have to be outlines of a review, until they can be fully fleshed-out.

Check-out what my friend Frank has been up to Here

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Happy bat detecting!

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