Monday, May 9, 2016

Update Post - Current Happenings And News For Early May 2016

Just a quick update Post, to convey current events - As well as some protracted hopes...

Where to begin? Well, the short list, of new bat detectors is as follows - In approximate chronological order of their arrival:
All three of these detectors have been under test, since their arrival. And each will be dealt with, via a detailed review.

So far:
The Batseeker 3, has been working out well; and has been my go-to detector when I'm in a hurry. It's great for placing on a windowsill. I tried connecting a small amplified speaker (to it's 3.5mm output jack) and it works wonderfully.
The (9v/PP3 battery powered) speaker I use, was purchased at RadioShack. However, I'm sure any simple, amplified speaker would work as well.
Back when I first learned, that I'd have the opportunity to test & review an M500 USB Mic from Pettersson: I went ahead and purchased a tablet, just for the occasion.
At the time, the developers of SoundChaser software, had been using (recommending?) the Acer Iconia W4 tablet; so that's what I got.
I'm in the process of re-imaging it, to free-up resources - So that BatMicRecorder / Batsound software will run faster, etc. I have run the M500 USB Mic on this Acer tablet before, and it worked fine.

Just recently, Part 2 Of 2 of the BatBox Baton XD review was completed; and posted.
I feel that it gives a good, general idea of the new Baton XD - But, I believe it could use some work: More details, more time devoted to it's unique features, etc. The Baton XD works very well with (Android-based) Cell phones. Once connected (via cable provided) many advanced features become available.

I hope to begin work on a re-write very soon. The currently published review, shall remain (for now). And will be removed/replaced; as soon as I have the new, more detailed Parts 1 & 2 ready. In the meantime, I'll be adding a few Pics - Illustrating what you get in the box, when you order one, etc.

The next full review, will be of The M500 USB Mic from Pettersson. Followed by, The SM4BAT from Wildlife Acoustics, and The BatSeeker3. 

Happy bat detecting!

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