Sunday, November 1, 2015

Latest News: The M500 USB Ultrasound Microphone

A brief, but important update, regarding The M500 from Pettersson Elektronik

Some major improvements have been made; to both the hardware and software platform.
The unit itself, is now produced in a slimline housing. It is only 13mm thick! Almost half the thickness of the original. Which is amazing!
The recording and analysis software: BatSound Touch, has also been re-done. The change (from the first software which was made available) is not simply an updated version - But is more like a totally new application - Re-built from the ground-up.

I've had the opportunity to install & test this brand-new, BatSound Touch software. And, so far, it is remarkable.
A lot more research and testing will be needed, but it won't be long before you see a full Review of this platform posted here. Also, at right around $400 U.S., the price of this Professional system, is very reasonable.

Happy bat detecting!

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