Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Song Meter SM4BAT FS & ZC - Available For Pre-Order

Recently announced - The Brand-new Song Meter SM4BAT FS & ZC

Click on the Link below, to find out more!

 Song Meter SM4BAT FS & ZC

I'm happy to report, that I will be reviewing this brand-new unit here soon!

Happy bat detecting!

And...Happy Halloween!


  1. Hello Al,
    How´s the review of SM4BAT FS coming?
    I´m looking to invest in a number (about 6) of stationary ultrasound detectors, and so far all of the three bat-veterans I´ve spoken to have recommended the Petterson D500X. However, I suspect neither of them have tried using anything else. For that reason a comparison between the SM4BAT FS and the Petterson D500X would be of great interest, as the difference in price between the two is quite big.

  2. Hi Al,

    You have a great site here - your reviews have been very informative for me. I'm a grad student in the process of equipping a lab with passive/mobile detectors, and have little experience with actual call analysis. Would you suggest a certain brand for a "beginner" lab? I've been looking closely at the AnaBat Express, and Wildlife Acoustics SM4BAT or SM3BAT units. Cost is a factor, but I feel like having a full-spectrum option is important. Am I wrong?