Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Few Words Regarding The new M500 USB Microphone From Pettersson

We interrupt this quiet spell of non-activity, to bring you a few points of interest. Regarding The new M500 USB Microphone from Pettersson.

The next Post you will see (soon, I promise!) will be Part 1 Of 2 of The AnaBat Express Review. The latest un-attended bat recording solution, from Titley Scientific....
But, in the meantime...I've noticed that several people have been curious about (and inquiring) The M500 from Pettersson. So, this is a temporary Post, to address some of the recent concerns and questions (that I've seen).

Of course, there is one here for review. I happen to like it very much. I don't have the "green light" to officially review, or comment on it yet - Or even "consider it complete" - Until the very latest (specially-designed) software is ready for it (and deployed). Which should be soon... 
I'll say that it's very well-built, very lightweight and easy to handle, and can keep-up with my other detectors (Batlogger M, etc.,) fairly well. I believe the new software will improve matters. 
It's easy to attach to a tablet; and I happen to find it aesthetically pleasing as well. 

This Post will be updated soon. And, there will be much more to follow...

Happy bat detecting!

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