Thursday, March 26, 2015

Update...The New Baton XD From BatBox Ltd. UK

BatBox Ltd. has officially released their Brand-New Baton! It is now for sale! I've really been looking forward to the announcement of this new Baton XD from BatBox.

And I'm very pleased to report, that I will be receiving a unit for test and review.

This new Baton XD looks really neat!

I'd initially learned of this new unit, via some "leaks" of initial thoughts from some Bat Workers/Ecologists, who had seen one. Only a few very fortunate individuals have reported to have had one in hand - While in attendance at some recent Bat Symposiums/Meetings.

*Update* 3/20/15 - This will be a temporary update / Post - Until I get on to the (various) full Reviews, of several models of bat detectors. Including, of course The Baton XD itself.

The Baton XD kit has arrived for review. And, not only was I impressed with the packaging and included accessories...But, by simply inserting the (included) 9v battery, and turning it on - I immediately noticed how powerfully sensitive this unit is. 
So, as an addendum, to my initial paragraph (now italicized above)...I'm just surprised that no one else had ever noticed this before? 
When switched to FD Mode, the sensitivity it demonstrates is quite evident, and very promising. It's easy to discern this bat detector's abilities right away. Simply by how it responds to ordinary (and HF sounds) around me. I can tell already: this one is a winner!

Also available through NHBS:

Happy bat detecting!

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