Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Update Post - The Latest News: Upcoming Bat Detector Reviews

Just a short update, on the latest happenings...This will (probably) be a temporary Post -

Well, just when I thought my testing of bat detectors was beginning to slow down...

The AR125 Ultrasonic Receiver from Binary Acoustic Technology has arrived.
It is currently under test...I did perform a full test and review of one, a little over a year ago. But, in light of the performance of The MiniMIC: I thought it would be good to "revisit" it; and write a more detailed review of it. I will be performing some more side-by-side comparisons, with a couple of other systems. 

When I perform "shoot-outs" (comparisons between two detectors/recorders) I strive to choose two which are evenly matched. In other words, similar...
Such as: In the same price category, same general type, size, technology, etc. The more similar they are, the better matched they are in a comparison ("Shoot-out"). It only makes sense.
The side-by-side comparison currently in progress, is between The B.A.T. AR125 and The Pettersson M500. If you consider these closely, you cannot deny that they are evenly matched for a comparison (relatively speaking).

The brand-new, top-secret bat detector is still here...I've made lots of wonderful recordings with it. With the help of a digital recorder (The Tascam DR-08, in this case). Which is a nice little recorder for someone on a budget (like me). 
In any case, this new bat detector is scheduled to be announced sometime this month. Nothing "written in stone" of course. It may be later than expected. However, I find it very exciting! - I believe a lot of Folks will like it, because it is not your typical bat detector. I like it very much!

The arrival of Wildlife Acoustics's brand-new, unattended bat recording solution - The SMZC. As you may have discerned, from what you can see (so far) it is in fact poised to compete with Titley's AnaBat Express. I have not had the opportunity to test or review The AnaBat Express; but the brand-new machine from Wildlife Acoustics' will be here shortly!
Was delayed due to the recent major Bat Conference in The UK. Which, I understand, was a great success, by the way!

The wonderful little M500 from Pettersson is still here; it's just awaiting the release of some exciting new software - Before I can go ahead and perform a full test and review of it. It will be worth the wait!

In addition, at least one more brand-new, bat detector should be arriving before this bat detecting season is over...(this one should be very interesting as well). And, I suspect it will be a top performer.

And finally, Part 3 Of 3 of The B.A.T. MiniMIC Review has been completed, and posted.

Happy bat detecting!

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