Thursday, September 18, 2014

The New SMZC From Wildlife Acoustics

The new Songmeter SMZC from Wildlife Acoustics has just arrived.
I'd just like to share just a few of the pictures, that I took while unpacking the new SMZC:

The new Songmeter SMZC, being un-packed.

This is one of the first SMZC's - Full-production units will feature a handle to aid in opening the unit.
Nice back-lit LCD display.

Under the hood...
Coming Up Next: The "Re-visit" Review of The AR125 from Binary Acoustic Technology.
I'll be sharing my findings, resulting from this second (closer) look - At The AR125.
Link to my original Review Here (and Part 2 Here). These two Links will be updated soon, with new information.

A major field trip is scheduled for this week.
We'll be visiting an area, where the bats (and moths) are very plentiful!
Several new detectors will be tested...Chief among them will be The New Songmeter SMZC from Wildlife Acoustics. In an area with large numbers (and species) of bats - A Zero-Crossing bat recorder will be just what the Doctor ordered!

Until then, 
Happy bat detecting!

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